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Lawyer services in the field of economic security

Anyone can be brought to criminal liability…

Oleh Dobrovolskyi

A lawyer, ID Legal Group partner

Why ID Legal Group?

In addition to extensive expertise in criminal, criminal procedure legislation, our professionals possess thorough knowledge in tax law, accounting and certified audit.

We not only understand the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes of Ukraine in sum and substance, but also offer expertise in accounting, economics and planning.

"Not every lawyer or counsel may offer so comprehensive approach to your case as we do."

ID Legal Group always provides tailor-made, comprehensive, professional and efficient solutions.

ID Legal Group is a confident leader in the marketplace of legal services on economic security.

We always stand by your side, ensuring protection to your business and preventing negative consequences.

We efficiently join the process at any stage. We develop a strategy and guarantee the most predictable positive result.

The experience of ID Legal Group team proves there are no deadlock situations or loser cases – there is a positive way out of any situation, where an adequate strategy is in place.


Tax crimes are the most difficult in legal practice. Therefore, ID Legal Group develops a new strategy of defense.

Our counsels assess in professional manner the lawfulness and reasons of criminal law claims, as well as the likelihood of bringing the Client to criminal liability.

Our tax experts and auditors will provide an independent assessment and professional argumentation to underlie your counsel’s defense strategy.
During the investigation, our experts will elaborate a defense position to eliminate the risk of criminal prosecution or significantly minimize the consequences of criminal prosecution.

Your business will be reliably protected from the negative consequences associated with the pending criminal cases and the grounds for initiating new criminal proceedings will be preventively eliminated.

We offer

  1. Protection of rights and interests in criminal proceedings
  2. Professional consulting in criminal law and procedure
  3. Development of a strategic legal position with a predictable final result
  4. Representation of interests in criminal proceedings
  5. Overall support during any communication with law enforcement, supervisory and other public authorities – including: interrogation, search, appeal against decisions / actions or omission, court hearings
  6. Support during the audits conducted by supervisory and law enforcement agencies
  7. Preparing and supporting appeals and cassation appeals against court judgments and sentences

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