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Auditor services Certified audit

We verify, analyze, keep accounts and develop a tax strategy, while you deal with your favorite business

Tetiana Savchuk

PhD, Auditor, Chief of Audit and Transfer Pricing Practice

ID Legal Group includes EPR Company, an audit firm, which is certified by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine (ACU) and registered in “Audit entities entitled to conduct statutory audits of financial statements” Section of the Register of Auditors and Audit Entities (company registration number: 4458).

Chief – Tetiana Savchuk, PhD in Economics, Master in Economics, specialty “Accounting and Audit”, certified auditor (series A) since 2011. She was granted a CAP Certificate (Certified Accounting Practitioner) in 2011, DipIFR Diploma in International Financial Reporting of ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, London) in 2012, she has been participating in advanced professional trainings on a continuous basis.

EPR Company has successfully passed the quality control inspections of the audit services. Date and number of the current decision on passing the quality control audit of audit services: No. 45/2 dated 10.09.2020. The professional liability of the audit firm to third parties is insured.

EPR Company has been successfully passing ACU’s quality control inspections of the audit services. Date and number of the last document confirming the company has successfully passed the quality control of audit services: No. 45/2 dated 10. September 2020. Third-party professional liability of the audit firm is insured.

Advantages of cooperating with our auditors:
Your company's vulnerabilities remain invisible for you in your day-to-day operations, while we may offer independent vision.
Experience in responding promptly to changes in tax legislation
Using our experience gained with other companies
A chance to engage professionals in various disciplines as may be needed: experts, auditors, tax consultants, lawyers and counsels

Why do they choose ID Legal Group?

The auditor team of ID Legal Group consists of certified auditors only.

Our team of professionals offer Clients a wide range of services, specifically:

  • audit of financial statements and reporting compiled in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS, National Accounting Regulations (Standards) of Ukraine – NAR(S)U;
  • statutory audit;
  • voluntary audit;
  • tax audit;
  • personnel audit;
  • legal audit;
  • due diligence prior to business restructuring;
  • other procedures by clients’ requests.

All services are based on International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

The quality of services provided is ensured by statutory external monitoring.

During the audit, our client will receive professional consultations and recommendations on accounting and taxation issues.

Auditing is one of the key business areas in ID Legal Group.

ID Legal Group offers the following audit services: provision of professional audit and related services with guaranteed identification of bottlenecks in your business structure and risk mitigation by choosing a security strategy for your business.


We provide up-to-date innovative approach to auditing in accordance with the current standards. We conduct an audit of your company within the agreed deadlines.

We are committed to high quality standards in our services, this approach underlies our efficiency and high performance.

Auditing is one of the key business lines of ID Legal Group

ID Legal Group offers professional audits and related professional services that guarantee the identification of bottlenecks in your business structure and risk mitigation by choosing a strategy for your business security.


We provide up-to-date innovative approach to auditing that is consistent with current standards. The audit of your company will be carried out within the agreed deadlines.

We adhere to high quality standards in our activities thus ensuring efficiency and high performance.

Does your company need an audit?

Since 2020, the Tax Code of Ukraine contains a provision applicable to a wide range of businesses saying that tax reporting of those businesses, which are subject to an external audit, will be considered “incompliant” or “not filed” at all, where no findings of external audit of their financial statements are attached to the same financial statements (Article 46 para. 2 of the Tax Code of Ukraine).


In some cases, the absence of audit findings may result in entering a taxpayer in a tax audit schedule.


No audit report on financial statements may entail restrictions on participation in tenders, lending by banks and various international organizations.

No financial statements accompanied with audit reports on your website will give rise to questions among your partners regarding your openness and transparency.

We offer the following services

1. Audit of financial reporting

Audit findings shall be compiled either according to the National Standards or International Financial Reporting Standards.

2. Interim or partial audit

Audit of interim financial statements, audit of individual sections or elements of accounting, accounts or financial statements.

3. Transformation and consolidation of financial statements

4. Work with tax reporting

Drafting, calculating taxes, preparing and supporting the procedure of administrative appeals against decisions of tax authorities regarding tax assessment, tax reporting or unlawful actions by tax authorities’ officials.

5. Services involving participation in the management decision-making process

6. Development and implementation of in-house audit procedures or risk management procedures related to the formation of financial information

7. Services related to internal audit function in companies

8. Protection of Client's interests

Representing the interests of a business entity in tax and other supervisory authorities (filing complaints, preparing and submitting responses to inquiries, communicating with officials during audits, etc.).

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