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Each entity engaged in economic activity is obliged to comply with the effective legislation. Taking into account its complexity and frequent changes, it should be understood that errors often arise due to the lack of time to examine all the innovations, technical and methodological errors, as well as a lack of knowledge on highly specialised issues, and not rarely through partners – business counterparties.

In addition, in recent years, the fight against such a global phenomenon as optimization of tax deductions and fees has significantly increased in Ukrainian criminal law enforcement practice.

Quite often there are precedents when the owner or head of a business is accused of actions committed by its unscrupulous counterparties, and the measures that it applies within the legal framework to reduce the tax burden are interpreted as evasion of taxes and fees.

Such cases immediately become a reason for both scheduled and unscheduled inspections by the representatives of regulatory authorities. Unfortunately, for business representatives such events may have a prospect of additional taxes and fees, accrual of penalties and fines, possibility of seizure of assets of the enterprise, initiation of criminal proceedings, etc.

In their essence and content, tax crimes are one of the most complex categories of cases taking place in legal practice

For this reason, you should not count on the help of a generalist who considers himself an expert in all areas of law. Only a lawyer specializing in criminal defence in the field of economic activity, with experience in the protection and investigation of this category of cases can provide you with effective assistance.

ID Legal Group is confidently leading the legal market in providing services in the field of advocacy in economic activity. This achievement is based on the focused specialization of the ID Legal Group and the professional staff of our lawyers and attorneys, tax consultants and auditors. We introduce new high quality standards of services, gain the trust of our Clients and work strategically for the future.

We elaborate a new defence strategy

In addition to significant knowledge in the field of criminal and criminal procedural legislation, our specialists have in-depth knowledge in the field of tax law, accounting and certified audit. For this very reason not only we understand the essence and content of the criminal code, but also have experience in accounting, economics and planning. Not every lawyer or attorney is able to provide such an integrated approach to your case.

It is certainly worth noting that the process of defence in the field of economic security is quite a complicated procedure. As part of such protection, the lawyer has to work with a significant array of various materials and documents.

And the presence in the materials of criminal cases of a significant number of accounting and economic documents, a variety of reports, invoices, acts, statements from current accounts complicates the process of defence in criminal proceedings for a tax crime.

Taking into account these aspects, the defence during criminal proceedings in tax crimes should be entrusted to professional associations that render services in this field and have diverse specialists.

Why ID Legal Group?

Lawyers and attorneys of the ID Legal Group provide tax consulting services and protection from criminal prosecution for tax offences.

Our experts carry out emergency visits in the event of a search and seizure of documents and carry out legal examination of the actions of law enforcement officers. In the future, the specialists of the ID Legal Group represent the interests of the Client during the investigation and in court.

Lawyers will carry out a professional assessment of the legality and validity of the criminal claims, as well as the likelihood of bringing the Client to criminal liability. During the investigation, experts will form a defence position that will eliminate the risk of criminal prosecution or significantly minimize the consequences of criminal prosecution.

Your business will be effectively protected from the negative consequences associated with the initiation and investigation of a criminal case.

Remember that there exist no no-win situations – the main thing is to correctly elaborate a defence strategy that minimizes risks and provides the maximum possible and desired ultimate result.

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  • Creating strategy
  • Comprehensively implementing the protection of you and your business

It might come as a surprise to you, but not only facts and your clear conscience decide the destiny of your case

Therefore, the best lawyer in the field of tax law is a lawyer hired immediatel

How is the case going in court if you make defence on your own:

  • You don’t deliver your position to the court and don’t know what evidence you need to provide;
  • You have no clear answers to the accusations from the tax authorities;
  • You will lose the dispute, even if your documents are fine.

How are the lawyers of ID Legal Group working:

  • You have a clear position and reasonable answers to the charges;
  • The evidence only works to protect you;
  • You respond professionally to unsubstantiated claims by the prosecution;
  • Your case is considered according to the law and without falsifications.

We offer

  • Protection of the rights and interests of individuals and legal entities in criminal proceedings
  • Professional advice in the field of criminal law and procedure;
  • Full support of the Client during any communication with law enforcement, regulatory and other state bodies – including, but not limited to, during interrogation as witnesses, conducting searches and other procedural actions; appeal against decisions, actions or inaction of an investigator, prosecutor during the pre-trial investigation;
  • Representation of the interests of the victim(s) in criminal proceedings;
  • Support of legal entities during inspections by regulatory and law enforcement authorities;
  • Elaboration of a strategy and collecting evidence base for the Client regarding the charges brought;
  • Development on the basis of the charges of the strategic legal position, which will give its predictable result;
  • Preparation and provision of appeal and cassation appeal of court decisions and sentences – we protect your interests at all stages.

Within the legal framework, knowing the sequence of actions of regulatory authorities, the Team of the ID Legal Group will ensure the safety of your business - We provide for possible risks and behaviour of law enforcement authorities.

Remember that the most effective result is achieved when we take care of your case from the very beginning! If you are interested in Advocacy in the field of tax law service, perhaps you may be interested in the others:

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