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Accounting outsourcing is a field of services during which the company, in order to reduce costs and minimize risks, transfers the functions of an accounting department to a contracting organization for support for a long time.

Outsourcing is a convenient and inexpensive way to solve all your accounting-related problems.

Let us consider the options for accounting support available at the present time. As well as their capabilities.

What the market offers:

Online accounting – provide an opportunity to keep simple accounting and submit reports to the fiscal authorities. They have a simple interface and do not require accounting skills. However, they are suitable to small business with simple accounting “cuisine” only.

Freelance accountant or accountant by the hour - will help to calculate taxes and timely submit reports. Such a specialist will not thoroughly delve into your business, work daily with documents and provide you with useful advices on tax optimization.

On-staff accountant or a staff of accountants – always there, works in the office, pays all his attention only to your business. This is a perfect option for large businesses with complex accounting or a significant number of transactions. But the cost of this option can be quite high. Add the cost of renting an office, payroll taxes, workplace and professional software costs to the salary of the head accountant and his subordinates, and you will get the final price.

What we offer:

Accounting outsourcing – in its capabilities it is not inferior, and sometimes superior to the on-staff accountant. Unlike a hired employee, an outsourcing company will not go on a sick leave or on vacation at the most inappropriate time. An outsourcing company has far greater experience and the quality of services is always at a high level. Besides, such companies know how to select and train the personnel. Moreover, outsourcing companies serve different types of business, for this reason their accountants have experience in various fields of activity.

Accounting outsourcing is one of the key trends of activity of ID Legal Group.

We decided to make smart accounting outsourcing, with transparent prices, high quality service and modern approach to business. We create a back office for your business.

The experts of ID Legal Group render services in the field of accounting outsourcing in full. We combined accounting outsourcing, audit services, tax support and legal support in one service. This ensures that you have the opportunity to do the things you love, without being distracted by routine or bureaucracy.

The Clients of ID Legal Group are serviced by the whole Team: accountant, auditor, tax consultant, lawyer and attorney. Together they solve problems more efficiently, delving deeply into your business and view the issues from a multitude of angles.

Since the start of our activity, we have completed about 100 projects for Ukrainian and international companies.

Our main objective is the positive ultimate result, no matter at what stage we join the project.

The experience of the Team of ID Legal Group tells that there exist no no-win situations or losing cases – there is a positive way out of any situation subject to properly elaborated strategy.


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  • Analysing the problem
  • Organizing meeting
  • Concluding an agreement
  • Implementing the project


  • Keeping bookkeeping and tax accounting, including for separate sections and elements of accounting;
  • Services on creation and maintenance of bookkeeping and tax accounting, its automation;
  • Restoration of bookkeeping and tax accounting;
  • Development and updating of accounting policy of a business entity;
  • Preparing accounting and tax reporting;
  • Consulting services for the creation and maintenance of personnel records, including personnel audit.
Within the legal framework, knowing the sequence of actions of regulatory authorities, the Team of ID Legal Group will ensure the safety of your business - We provide for possible risks and behaviour of fiscal authorities. Remember that the most effective result is achieved when we take care of the enterprise from the very beginning! If you are interested in Accounting outsourcing service, perhaps you may be interested in the others:

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