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Tax legislation is the area of law where changes constantly take place. And above all, there is always a risk of ambiguous interpretation of some articles and paragraphs of the Tax Code and related acts of legislation. Unfortunately, and maybe not, our Country has no case law.

Therefore, without special training and, most importantly, practical experience, it is difficult to monitor and take into account all the changes and trends. And they directly affect the administrative and judicial practice on various issues that arise in taxation of certain transactions, elaboration of the optimal financial structure in their activities, communication with the fiscal authorities, as well as resolving disputes.

Tax law is the main specialization of the ID Legal Group.

Our Team has considerable experience in the field of tax legislation. It is evidenced by successful implementation of over 570 projects.

The team of ID Legal Group, comprising lawyers, auditors, tax consultants and attorneys, has a comprehensive approach to solving the existing questions. We take into account all the nuances of each business line and create an individual tax policy and strategy of behaviour in relations with regulatory authorities for your business. We support all the issues in administrative and judicial disputes with fiscal authorities.

Our main objective is the positive ultimate result, no matter at what stage we join the project (from the solution of a problematic question or already at the stage of a supposedly lost case).

The experience of the Team of ID Legal Group tells that there exist no no-win situations or losing cases – there is a positive way out of any situation subject to properly elaborated defence strategy.

Consultation by tax lawyer

Order a consultation by tax lawyer

It is quite difficult to find a professional tax lawyer for your company who meets all the requirements, has considerable experience, a high level of professional training and ability to find a way out of any problem situation. Sometimes it is necessary to spend a great amount of time and resources. But when a company is in search, and the problem already exists, significant losses begin.

What to do? THERE IS A WAY OUT

Work with a legal firm. This format has a series of significant advantages:
  • Always updated database, availability of necessary materials, structured information flows obtained from different sources;
  • Integrated approach and availability of highly specialized experts in various fields: tax, economic, civil, criminal, etc.;
  • Significant working experience;
  • Working on 24/7 schedule. Regardless of illnesses, vacations or other circumstances;
  • Absolute data confidentiality;
  • Possibility to change the costs of legal support, depending on the need;
  • Reducing the tax base of enterprises and contributions to various funds.


We can start our cooperation at any stage: during the establishment or activity of the enterprise, before the inspection by a fiscal authority or immediately during it.

ID Legal Group provides reliable protection during communication with fiscal authorities, as well as a full range of legal, advocacy, audit and consulting services.


What shall you do in case of inspection by fiscal authorities
  • Contact us
  • Organizing meeting
  • Analysing your problem
  • Concluding an agreement
  • Implementing the project


Legal support of the enterprise

  • full or partial legal outsourcing;
  • legal support of business transactions;
  • economic and tax disputes;
  • oral and written legal consultations on economic, legal and tax issues;
  • registration/liquidation of legal entities of all forms of ownership and individual entrepreneurs.

Interaction with fiscal authorities

  • analysis of tax risks of your company (pre-inspection analysis, audit, assessment of tax risks, monitoring of counterparties for risk);
  • tax planning and elaboration of defence against possible risks in the field of taxation;
  • professional tax consulting;
  • qualified assistance in resolving disputes of any complexity;
  • full support during the inspections, and if necessary – during the appeal or judicial appeal.

Interaction with law enforcement authorities

  • full support and defence representation in criminal proceedings;

Certified audit

  • audit of financial statements;
  • audit of interim financial statements, separate sections or accounting elements, accounts and financial statements;
  • transformation and consolidation of financial statements;
  • tax audit;
  • tax planning and optimization.

Transfer pricing

  • identification of controlled transactions, preparation and support of the Report on controlled transactions;
  • professional oral or written consulting;
  • preparation of Documentation according to the requirements of the Tax Code of Ukraine;
  • guaranteed support of the prepared Documentation for 7 years (limitation period);
  • updating of Documentation taking into account the period of conduct of controlled transactions.

Accounting support

  • full or partial accounting outsourcing;
  • creation and maintenance of bookkeeping and tax accounting, its automation;
  • development and updating of accounting policy;
  • preparation of accounting and tax reporting, its submission to the regulatory authorities;
  • personnel audit.
Within the legal framework, knowing the sequence of actions of regulatory authorities, the team of the ID Legal Group will ensure the safety of your business - We provide for possible risks and behaviour of fiscal authorities. Remember that the most effective result is achieved when we take care of the enterprise from the very beginning! If you are interested in Tax law service, perhaps you may be interested in the others:

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