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Each entity engaged in economic activity is obliged to comply with the effective legislation. Taking into account its complexity and frequent changes, it should be understood that errors often arise due to the lack of time to examine all the innovations, technical and methodological errors, as well as a lack of knowledge on highly specialised issues, and not rarely through partners – business counterparties.

Such cases immediately become a reason for both scheduled and unscheduled inspections by the representatives of regulatory authorities. Unfortunately, for business representatives such events may have a prospect of additional taxes and fees, accrual of penalties and fines, possibility of seizure of assets of the enterprise, initiation of criminal proceedings, etc.

The reason for such consequences is non-professional preparation for the inspection.

  • • You can minimize these risks with the help of ID Legal Group by ordering support of inspections.
  • • We can start our cooperation at any stage: pre-inspection analysis (before the start of inspection by fiscal authorities), immediately during the inspection by a fiscal authority or after receipt of the Inspection report with identified violations.
  • • Remember that there exist no no-win situations – the main thing is to correctly elaborate a defence strategy that minimizes risks and provides the maximum possible and desired ultimate result.
We have already implemented over 600 of such projects


What shall you do in case of inspection by fiscal authorities
  • Contact us
  • Organizing meeting
  • Analysing your problem
  • Concluding an agreement
  • Creating strategy
  • Comprehensively implementing the protection of your business


  • Analysis of tax risks of your company - we will carry out pre-inspection analysis, audit, assessment of tax risks, monitoring of counterparties for risk, elaborate a comprehensive defence strategy for the future;
  • Support of inspections - we consult you and communicate with the inspectors during the inspection;
  • Representation of the Client’s interests at the regulatory authority - we are right with you at all stages;
  • Preparation of responses to written requests of regulatory authorities - a properly drafted response is a limitation of actions and capabilities of the inspectors;
  • Elaboration of a strategy and collecting evidence base for the Client regarding the violations put forward by the inspectors during the inspection;
  • Development on the basis of the Inspection report of the strategic legal position, which will give its predictable result;
  • Appeal of the Inspection report, appeal of the actions of inspectors - properly drafted documents for administrative appeal on the basis of the elaborated strategy guarantees and provides for additional evidence base to achieve a predictable ultimate result;
  • Preparation of an appeal against the decision made by the regulatory authority and representation of interests in administrative appeals – we protect your interests at all stages and participate in all commissions of the fiscal authority considering the appeals;
  • Judicial appeal of the decision - based on the selected defence strategy and support, as well as assessment of the possible risks – judicial appeal has a greater prospect than administrative one.
Within the legal framework, knowing the sequence of actions of regulatory authorities, the team of the ID Legal Group will ensure the safety of your business - We provide for possible risks and behaviour of fiscal authorities. Remember that the most effective result is achieved when we support the inspection from the very beginning! If you are interested in Support of inspections by fiscal authorities, tax disputes, risk analysis service, perhaps you may be interested in the others:

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