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Outsourced accounting

Our professionals keep your book , while you deal with your favorite business…

Outsourced accounting

A company willing to reduce costs and minimize risks may assign the functions of accounting department to a long-term contractor.

Outsourcing is a convenient and inexpensive way to solve all your problems related to accounting.

Why ID Legal Group?

We decided to arrange a smart outsourced accounting, with transparent prices, high-quality services and a modern approach to business. We can create a back office for your business.


The experts of ID Legal Group provide the entire package of outsourced accounting services. We have combined outsourced accounting, auditing, tax support and law support in one service package. Thanks to this, you enjoy the opportunity of doing your favourite business without being distracted by routine or bureaucracy.


The whole team of professionals – an accountant, an auditor, a tax consultant, a lawyer – provide services to the clients of ID Legal Group. Together they can find more efficient solutions, deeply immersing themselves in your business and looking at problems from various perspectives.

Outsourced accounting is one of the key lines in ID Legal Group activities

Advantages of outsourced consultants:

We offer:

1. Accounting and tax accounting, including individual sections and elements of accounting

2. Starting up and maintaining of accounting and tax accounting, computerizing of accounting

3. Restoring of accounting and tax accounting in accordance with Ukrainian standards, as well as restoration of accounting and tax accounting in accordance with IFRS requirements

4. Verbal and written consultations on accounting and tax accounting

5. Financial analysis of the enterprise

6. Developing and updating of the accounting policy for a business entity

7. Compiling of accounting, financial and tax reports

8. Communication and reconciliation with counterparties, collection of incoming primary documentation

9. Issuing of internal source documentation

10. Treasury Services

Bank account administration – preparation of bank payment orders and/or applications for required payments, as well as communication with servicing banks

11. Outsourced management accounting and reporting

12. Payroll services

13. Consulting services on structure and maintenance of personnel records, including personnel audit

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