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ID Legal Group is a leader in the fields of tax law and business protection.

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ID Legal Group – who are we?

Our key goal

Where can we be useful?

Support in tax matters

We review, report and provide support, while you deal with your favourite business.

Support in audit matters
The set of audit support services : from a preliminary express audit up to appeal in court.
Audit services / Certified audit
We audit, analyse, account and build up a tax strategy, while you deal with your favourite business
Transfer pricing

We review, report and provide support, while you deal with your favourite business.

Outsourced accounting

Our professionals maintain your accounting, while you deal with your favourite business.

Economic security lawyers
Anyone can be brought to criminal responsibility…

7 key reasons, why our clients choose us

Strategic vision and niche expertise

Niche expertise means no margin for error. Therefore, our strategy is to achieve success.

A comprehensive approach

Package of expert services : legal, audit, accounting, counselling and consulting.

Fast response

We promptly change the tactics responding to the slightest changes in a particular situation, because the issues you bring to us require non-standard solutions.

Strict confidentiality

Confidentiality is a foundation and major principle of mutual trust.

Result orientation

Our strategic goal is an achievable, predictable, positive final result, no matter at what stage we join the project.

Ability to speak "the same language" with politicians, legislators, business communities.

We are persuasive, we find a common language and, accordingly, we find common ground on the most controversial issues.

Extensive speakworking network of professional contacts.

Professional trust is sometimes a weighty argument in achieving the goal.

We are trusted

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